Our Lockdown Garden.


After 5 weeks of doing my zoom classes on holiday and organising the return to our studio this is me just sitting down in the garden and taking notice. I knew the weeds were growing but I didn't care as I knew I was having fun on holiday, then busy doing work that I thought it could wait.

I am sitting this morning wondering about all the people who have been eating more rubbish, drinking more often having fun with friends knowing they are getting bigger, anxiety gorwing, fitness and nutrition dropping and thinking to themselves they know its getting out of control but it can wait because they are stressed, anxious, having fun socialising or whatever their person reasons are!

But the question in when will they take notice? when will they make a change?

We actually like the wild weeds in our garden but we do know when the parents come along they will say come on and pick the weeds 😄. Its fine for now but I know we couldn't let it get out of control the same way dont worry if you have let your mind and body get out of control as this can all be fixed. All you need to do it stop, take notice and and pull the weeds or pull yourself out the house and back into fitness, health and positve mindfulness.

As our parents will be our motivation let me be yours. Don't be like my poor Sunflower that we spent weeks watering daily and moving to the sunny areas of our garden. It was growing strong, getting results and would have turned into a beautiful sunflower 🌻 if we had just stuck to the plan. Life got in the way, we failed but have learned for our mistake. Maybe one day we can grow a sunflower and one day you will achieve your results but we need to stay on track, stick to the plan and the results will follow 😉.

Take care your your garden and your body.


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