Lockdown Covid19

Lockdown for my family has been non stop but in the best way possible. I am so lucky to have a husband and son who are passionate about making our family businesses the best they can be. Alistair is only 6 years old and he loves it all, why? because its fun!

During lock down we have made a home studio, re organised my out house rehab room, learned how to do online dance and fitness classes, online 121 coaching, made a YouTube channel with lots of content, and now building my very own website and app which I am so excited about. I have enjoyed having the time to learn new ways and I am going to make sure that after lock down I continue to make time for myself. Studying has got me to where I am today and there is so much out there still to learn. The past year or two I have been working every hour of every day to try and please as many clients as possible but there is no more hours in the day I can work. Thankfully with my new website I hope to help more people with Fitness, Nutrition, Rehab and have fun whilst doing so.

I have gained so much by doing less hours and not only hours worked but also training. The saying less is more is definitely proving right for me at the moment.

I look forward to sharing all my knowledge with you.

Stay safe

Move with Amanda@firstclassfitness

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