Nutrition, so many views, diets, meal replacements and information out there but why do we always make it so confusing?

Everyone always asks me or assumes because I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer that I follow the ultimate nutrition plan, surprisingly I don't! My past has always been running about from studio to gyms in different locations trying to keep people fit and active. This meant that whilst doing so I was burning crazy amounts of calories with little rest and recovery. My nutrition was as follows.

Breakfast 8:30am - Massive bowl of porridge with an apple, bannana

Snack 10:30am - Grenade protein bar

lunch 1pm - Bake potato with tuna salad or a wrap or pasta

Dinner 3:30pm - Full bag of rice with meatballs, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Snack 6pm - lidl protein ball

2nd Dinner - Mice pasta or rice and veg again what ever Gordon had ready for me!


Saturday night - Chicken curry, rice, chips and prawn crackers with 4/5 pink gins and lemonade.

Sunday - Roll and sausage with cheese and dinner would be pizza and pakora with 3/4 pink gins and lemonade.

So looking at this you will either think that is loads, or lacking in something but for me I never weighted my food, counted calories, looked at nutrition labels this was just a habit that I had adopted and it worked for me! I knew with looking at it I had carbs, protein, fruit and veg so I was giving my body all the nutrients I needed.


That all had to change! the first week or two when we weren't sure what food was going to be on the supermarket shelf's, less money coming in, not exercising as much so needing less calories. I was round the bend I was saying to Gordon I have to eat, I needs snacks, I need protein. Gordon found this all so amusing as he is bigger than me and survives just fine. So still not counting calories, looking at macros or food labels I just adapted to this new way (or again whatever Gordon would bring home). I am very good at just knowing my body when I am hungry, thirsty, lacking in a nutrient and figuring out what I need to eat, I know when I am gaining or losing weight and can quickly change this.

Now 12 weeks into Lockdown we are doing just fine, Gordon has became an amazing chef cooking new recipes, Alastair and I love his chicken curry. Nutrition is really quite simply the hard part is making a change! It is breaking old habits then creating new ones and by doing so the rewards will follow. Yes like me on week one it can be scary and you will need trial and error to find out what fits into your lifestyle. Don't fall into that quick fix, crash diet plan that will lead you to failure, small changes with little tweaks

will last you a lifetime. The past few weeks I have pulled out my nutrition book, making new slides for my clients, downloaded my fitness pal and looking into more detail, calories, macros and nutrients so I can help my clients make these changes a little easier.

If you need help making changes to your daily nutrition or tips on how to make positive steps to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle then get in contact and I will make it as simple as possible to guide you in the right direction.

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